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Based at our Montreal offices, Gyles Rochester has a team of experienced tax specialists, who can advise on efficient tax planning to ensure you and your business meet all the compliance requirements for both personal and business tax.

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Accounting and Trust Services

Currently the tax system is becoming progressively more complex with greater emphasis being placed on taxpayers' individual responsibilities. This means it has become increasingly necessary for those who are subject to taxation to seek professional advice to ensure that they optimise their tax position and meet all the compliance requirements.

Gyles Rochester has a team of experienced chartered tax specialists, who can provide you with year-round tax advice on:

  • Income tax
  • Capital Gains tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Trusts and estates
  • Non-domiciliary tax issues

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Accounting and Trust Services Montréal

Year-round tax advice as required

Our Services:
  • Chartered Professional Accountant
  • Accounting and Trust Services
  • Financial Tax Advisory Services
  • Investment Management
  • Estate Administration
Our guarantees:
  • Personalized service to each client
  • Meticulous workflow to ensure the best outcome
  • Expert knowledge on the financial and legal domains
  • Strategic advice for a company, investor, shareholder or individual
  • Montréal
  • Laval
  • Longueuil

Accounting and Trust Services

Amongst our many other services, Gyles Rochester also takes care of inter-vivos and testamentary trusts, including:

  • design and planning appropriate uses for trusts including legal tax avoidance;
  • bookkeeping, financial statement preparation and trust return preparation;
  • tax estimates and managing trust tax instalments;
  • paralegal services including preparation of annual trustee resolutions;
  • preparation of T3 slips for flow through of taxable income to beneficiaries; and
  • annual trust tax planning to maximize the benefit of the trust in the family’s overall financial structure and to integrate the trust tax profile with that of each family member.

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Accounting and Trust Services Laval

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Whether you are in business as an individual, a partnership, an association or a limited company, we are here to help your business succeed by providing continual guidance for your business and practical relevant tax advice.

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